661: Communication, Confidence & Assumptions

Sep 28, 2019

I am so excited to tackle today’s Q&A especially because there’s one about making assumptions and deserving the life you want!

Here are the questions we’re tackling today:

  • How can I stop personalising everything and making assumptions? It’s at a point where I think I can read the minds of others and know what negative thoughts they’re thinking about me.
  • How can I access my inner confidence to be more assertive in my communication and every day life? I avoid conflict and fear making the other person/people and myself uncomfortable so I end up saying/doing nothing.
  • What probiotics /supplements will help with depression?
  • How do I change the beliefs formed at childhood that are preventing me from success now?
  • Is it possible to work on all my goals? I dont want to put any of them off but they often conflict and I give in to overwhelm.
  • How can I feel like I deserve all that I want in my life?

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