737: Debt, Savings & Financial Improvement

Mar 21, 2020

Money and finances could be a difficult topic to talk about but it’s also one that is very important to dive into. In this Saturday’s Q&A episode, we’re focusing on the topic of debt, financial freedom, and everything-money!

We’re giving away an assortment of products from Beekeepers Naturals including honey sticks, throat spray, and many more in today’s episode!

Here’s the list of questions we’re tackling this Saturday:

  • How does spending and staying on a budget relate to the same mindset as health and weight management? (episode 019)
  • How to pay off debt with a spouse that isn’t on the same page? He is perfectly fine having debt. I want it all gone. How do you have discussions on this?
  • How do I slow down my online shopping? It’s so easy late at night to do and then forget
  • How to balance these three: building up savings, eliminating credit card debt, and saving for retirement?
  • How to really handle “need/want/I deserve this” kind of thinking?
  • I want to know how partners handle their money together! I struggle with this one. And I have no idea how people do it.

We announce the winner of today’s giveaway of assorted products from Beekeepers Naturals including honey sticks, throat sprays, and a lot more. These products provide immunity without impacting your microbiome in a negative way! Their throat sprays are my favorite.

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