Let’s make the most of the rest of 2015, okay? I am certain that if you follow a few of these strategies, you can drop 1 size in 30 days. That’s not crazy diet talk. It’s just possible. The problem isn’t that we don’t know what will lead to fat loss, it’s that we struggle to consistently implement it. Oftentimes we do too much. We create these busy, detailed plans and then we get lost in the details. Today I simplify it for you!

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10 Strategies to Drop 1 Size (before 2016)

  1. Get out of your head
  2. Prepare for the morning
  3. Identify your obstacles
  4. Track. What you measure improves.
  5. Let go of indulgences that aren’t worth it
  6. Eat when you’re hungry
  7. Go to bed earlier
  8. Make fat, protein and non-starchy veggies your staples
  9. Face the music and get accountable
  10. Get a coach


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