Ep 026: How To Hack Your Habits

Mar 17, 2015

Change is easier said than done. We can talk for years about what to eat, what not eat and why but at the end of the day it comes down to behavior change. THAT is the key to lasting body change and fat loss and it is also where most people fall short. They get stuck in the rut of their old, unhealthy habits. But in today’s episode we are going to change that. We are going establish how you can identify unhealthy habits, study them and them overcome them. Click play below to learn how to hack your habits for lasting fat loss.

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The Problem: Most of us know how we should change and what it will take to reach our goals but we’re held back in the grip of our old habits. We want to change, we know what needs to change but creating that change and overriding old habits trips us up despite our great intentions.

The Solution: Identify your unhealthy habits, choose one you want to change, study how your habits work and finally, hack your habits to get the results you’re really after.

Practical Implementation: (detailed in the episode – click the play button above!)

  1. Create a list of habits you’d like to change or replace
  2. Pick ONE habit you want to focus on changing first. You can pick the easiest or the hardest – I recommend picking the one that will have the greatest impact on your life or your ability to reach your goals.
  3. TRACK the habit for 2 weeks without trying to change it. Monitor the following everytime you act on the habit:
    1. The time at which your act on this habit
    2. The place it happens
    3. Your emotional state
    4. What happened immediately before you acted on it
    5. What you were seeking (pleasure, distraction, attention, relief, energy, etc)
    6. Who was with/around you or if you were alone
  4. Look for trends
  5. Once you know what you are usually seeking, develop a list of alternatives that can give you what you’re seeking
  6. Practice them to find a solution that works
  7. Keep practicing.
  8. Keep practicing
  9. Keep practicing
  10. Keep practicing

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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