Episode 002 – Hormones Trump Calories – Why, How and What To Do About It

Jan 2, 2014

In this episode we’re talking about why calories are NOT the ultimate determinant of your weight loss. Sure, calories matter. You can’t consume more fuel than your body needs and expect to burn fat. It won’t happen. But a calorie deficit is not enough. It is your HORMONES that determine what your body does with the fuel you consume – regardless of if you’re consuming more or less than your body needs. A calorie deficit without hormonal balance might lead to muscle loss instead of fat loss. If you want fat loss, you’re going to HAVE to focus on eating to balance your hormones. In today’s episode we’re focusing on one particular hormone that is one of the biggest culprits in preventing weight loss and making you feel hungry!!

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The Myth: The fundamental weight loss equation is calories in (consumed) < calories out (burned). We are wrong if we think that we can eat less and burn fat. The body does not work that way.

The Facts: While calories do matter, its actually our hormones that determine if we’re in fat storing or fat burning mode. Our hormones tell our body what to do with the calories we eat. If you aren’t eating to optimize your hormones, you’ll likely be stressed, tired, hungry and dealing with wicked cravings. We talk specifically about the hormone insulin and how, when uncontrolled, it triggers hunger, cravings AND prevents fat burning – even if we’re in a caloric deficit! Then we talk about how, by controlling insulin,  you can ensure that you stay in fat burning mode throughout the day.

The Implementation Strategies: Lots of great details covered in the episode including:

  • How to eat to balance your hormones
  • What to eat and when for optimal hormonal balance
    • The right type of carbs for fat loss
    • The right time of day for carbohydrate consumption
    • The right amount of carbohydrates for fat loss
    • Ideal carbohydrate pairing for maximum fat loss
  • How working out (the right way!) can help balance your hormones


More on the hormone keeping you fat.
Visual explanation of the carb cycle
Carb Cycle


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