Episode 004: Getting Started with Weight Loss

Jan 7, 2015

On today’s episode, “Getting Started with Weight Loss”, we’re talking about concrete steps to getting started, setting goals, staying accountable and maintaining focus & motivation! I think its great to talk about what you should eat and why, but the reality is that that’s not really where most people struggle. Most people struggle with the HOW. How do I make these healthier changes. How do I sustain them? How do I maintain my motivation? How do I get through the hard parts? And we want to help you with THOSE things.

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Common Obstacle: Knowing how & where to start with your weight loss journey. What to tackle first? How? How do we stay focused? Should I follow someone else’s plan? If I want to create my own, how do I get started? What does that look like? How do I know if it’s working?

Primal Potential Solution: Identify your biggest pain point or most obvious obstacle to your success. Create a short term (4-week) goal to help you overcome that obstacle. Break that down further into four 1-week objectives and focus on ONE thing you can do each day to move towards your weekly goal.

Practical Implementation: This episode gives examples of what your pain point or obstacle might be and how you can craft a 4-week goal to improve that area of your life. We break it down into bite size pieces;

  • Identify your biggest pain point or the area of your lifestyle or diet that is holding you back the most
  • Set a 4 week goal to improve that area
  • Break your 4 week goal down into weekly goals
  • Each day, ask yourself what is the ONE THING you could do today that will help you move towards your weekly goal.
  • Do that right away
  • Stay accountable. Don’t set these goals and forget them. Ask for help. Read them daily. Keep them front and center
  • Finally, conserve your willpower by automating as much of your life as you can.

The 80/20 rule for weight loss
Visualization to help you reach your goals
Morning routines to help you maximize your fat loss
The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

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