Episode 12: Hormones & Fat Loss – How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Jan 31, 2015

Your hormones control your ability to burn fat. They can put you in fat storing mode or fat burning mode. But most people don’t know whether or not their hormones are balanced! It’s easier than you think! Our hormones are CONSTANTLY signaling us and letting us know when there is a problem, we just don’t know how to interpret the signals! In today’s episode we talk about how you can quickly identify if your hormones are balanced, which hormones are out of balance and we talk about specific steps to take to achieve balance where you need it most!

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Common Obstacle: Generally speaking, we have no idea how to balance our hormones naturally. Heck, we don’t even know if our hormones are balanced to begin with or how we can find out. One of the facts I’m working hard to establish in this hormone mini series is that our hormones dictate whether we’re in fat burning mode or fat storing mode. This makes hormonal balance VERY important. Without it, we’re fighting an uphill battle to fat loss. People ask me all the time how they can figure out if their hormones are balanced and they assume it will take prescription drugs or expensive treatments to normalize their hormones. In most cases, that’s just not true. It’s far easier…

Solution: What is most exciting to me about hormonal signaling is that we have the ability to interpret what is happening inside our bodies! Our hormones SIGNAL US to tell us what’s going on! Most of us just don’t know what the signals are or what they mean. But, once you know that part of the equation, all you have to do is pay attention and you’ll have a REALLY strong indication of whether or not your hormones are balanced! Not only that, you’ll have all the information you need to make adjustments and get back in balance. You can have TREMENDOUS insight into your hormonal balance just by paying attention. The human body is FANTASTIC about communicating when things are right or not so right!

Your hormones are constantly signaling your body based on internal and external triggers. More often than not, we can feel and sense those signals. Shifts in your hormones will cause changes in your hunger, stress level, energy level and cravings. If we understand which hormone triggers which sensation and why, we can respond intelligently and encourage our hormones to work in our favor and not against us.

Practical Implementation:

  • Keep a food journal. Write down everything you & drink
  • Keep a regular tab on your mood, ability to focus, stress level, hunger, energy and cravings.
  • Pay attention to patterns – what foods satisfy your hunger? What foods never do? What foods trigger cravings? Do certain situations trigger cravings? What foods drain your energy? What foods sustain your energy? These patterns give you TREMENDOUS insight.
  • For specific links between sensations and hormones including how to adjust for excessive hunger, cravings or low energy, click here to listen to the full episode. We talk about what hormones trigger hunger and how to reduce it, what hormones trigger cravings and how to satisfy them, and particular hormonal imbalances that drain your energy and how to make different choices to boost your energy.

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