Q&A 7: Cholesterol Is Not the Culprit – What is Really to Blame for Vascular Disease?

Feb 14, 2015

Today we’re answering a question from a listener concerned that eating more fat will raise her cholesterol levels. We talk about the MAJOR myths about cholesterol including how cholesterol is actually a healing substance and the fact that high cholesterol is a sign of chronic damage in the body. We talk about how to identify the REAL source of the problem to avoid what doctors measure as “high cholesterol”. We talk about how cutting out dietary fat can actually send your body’s production of cholesterol into overdrive and what you need to do to stay healthy & maintain your vascular health.

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Question: Eating more fat is really helping my energy levels and satiety but I’m worried about my cholesterol. Won’t eating more fat raise my cholesterol levels?

Answer: Increasing your consumption of dietary cholesterol DOES NOT mean increasing your serum cholesterol. In fact, cholesterol is deployed to the site of injury or inflammation in the body to help you heal. Instead of trying to reduce your body’s protective mechanism, we need to find out why the injury or inflammation is occurring in the first place and resolve THAT.

Furthermore, cutting cholesterol from your diet doesn’t lower your cholesterol. In fact, it increases your body’s production of cholesterol.

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