Episode 104: Fiber and Constipation

Nov 21, 2015

There is a frightening amount of misinformation about fiber, constipation and general health. Much of what we’ve been told about fiber has come from processed food marketing efforts and irresponsible (misleading) science. In today’s episode I am going to bust many of these myths and share 7 facts about fiber, most of which will probably surprise you. Here’s a little hint: increasing fiber is likely to make constipation even worse!

I am completely determined to bust these myths that hold us back from our goals even when we have the best intentions! If you want more of this kind of info (including my free carb strategies for fat loss cheat sheet), let’s connect ASAP! Click here to hear more of my tips & suggestions! I want to help you accelerate your results NOW. 

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7 Facts About Fiber

  1. Research does NOT support a link between fiber consumption and reduction in risk of heart disease and cancer. The relationship seen is likely due to high fruit & vegetable consumption. When fruits & vegetables are controlled for, there is not a statistically significant link between fiber and reduced risk of cancer or heart disease
  2. The primary reason we think fiber is important is the excellent marketing job of processed food manufacturers
  3. Excessive fiber consumption can block the absorption & utilization of critical nutrients including calcium & magnesium
  4. Adding fiber may actually compound problems of constipation. Research suggests that reducing fiber is far more effective for relieving chronic constipation. Definitely check out this episode to hear the details about fiber and constipation and how you can make significant improvements.
  5. Reducing fiber intake may be the best thing for digestive discomfort and conditions like IBS
  6. Excessive fiber consumption (especially from bran products) is directly associated with the increased incidence of osteoporosis and osteopenia
  7. The right kinds of fiber in the right amounts can support bacterial balance


nutrient density chart

(image from Robb Wolf)

Study: Reduce fiber to alleviate constipation

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