Q&A 14: Forecasting Failure

May 23, 2015

In today’s episode we’re addressing a listener concern about her habit of forecasting failure. We talk about how to handle feeling frustrated with your body and your lack of results while not being in denial but also not manifesting future failures.

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Hi Elizabeth 

I am kind of struggling over the last few days. I could use some guidance.

I feel like I am not making any progress. I have struggled with negative self talk. I continue to struggle with it. I am trying to become more aware of it. I just listened to your podcast in which you talk about negative self talk and becoming more aware of it.

I have gained weight over the last few months. I am going on a cruise in 5 or 6 weeks and am trying hard not to dread it at my current weight. It is hard to keep my eye on the long term ball Рif that makes any sense. 

I am just kind of at a loss right now. I feel a little like that woman in the Udemy course who talked about adding more big rocks.

I know that has not worked for me in the past. It resonates with me when you talk about setting (unreasonable) weight goals so that you knew what you would fit in by that date. I am used to having goals and benchmarks – so I sometimes feel a little adrift.

I know everyone has difficult days every once in a while – and that is all this might be – but I do feel discouraged – and thought I would reach out to you.

Points Discussed in the Answer:

  1. Acknowledge where you’re at
  2. Empower yourself – you can change this if you choose to
  3. Act
  4. Stay present – don’t let your attention wander to the past or anything outside of your immediate control
  5. Stay consistent – stop creating excuses to take a day/meal/weekend “off”
  6. Repeat

Listener response to my response direct to her:

That was SUPER helpful. I changed my calendar view on my computer to only today…that is helpful. I definitely do get paralyzed looking ahead…and then kind of forecast failure. So I am going to work on focusing on NOW…and like you said build confidence on the small moment to moment successes – because that is what makes up a day…and then a week…etc.

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