629: Forward Momentum & Infinite Possibility

Jul 15, 2019

Forward momentum and infinite possiblity. Two phrases and inspire that hell out of me. In today’s episode I want to share with you some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over 5 years building Primal Potential and 5 years improving myself.

As I was outlining my thoughts for today’s episode and reflecting back on the hard moments and the times that everything felt hopeless and stuck, I took a break to watch The Biggest Little Farm on my Delta flight from Boston to LA. Immediately, I saw the connection.

At one point, one of the main characters says,

The beautiful complexity of our land is alive with infinite possibility.

Oh man. Yes. The complexity of my life is alive with infinite possibility and it’s true for you, too.

We have to CHOOSE forward momentum. We have to choose infinite possibility.

Sure, there are other options. We can stay in the problem. We can stay in our frustrations. We can focus on things we can’t change. But the fact remains that your life DOES have infinite possibility. Are you charging forward?

I hope you’ll tune in to today’s episode.

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