Q&A 17: Getting Started with Fat Loss

Jun 27, 2015

In today’s episode we’re tackling a common challenge that many people face: spending lots of time & energy planning and talking themselves up but then failing to take action. How do you start? How do you create that initial activation energy? How do you bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it? We’re going to tackle how to go about getting started with fat loss.

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Sarah’s Question: “Hi Elizabeth! I follow your podcast and blog regularly and learn a lot but I’ll be honest – I don’t take action. I guess I kinda do – I plan and I get all fired up but I seem to be missing that link between information, ¬†motivation and action. Can you help?”

Steps To Getting Started with Fat Loss:

  1. Get rid of the all or nothing approach. It doesn’t work and it isn’t necessary or realistic. Life is not “all or nothing”.
  2. Build awareness of what you eat, why you eat and your hormonal biofeedback. Begin by tracking the following:
    1. What you eat, how much and when
    2. Sleep quality and quantity
    3. Any emotional triggers
    4. Notable mood changes, hunger, cravings and energy
  3. Identify ONE area to start tackling change based on challenges you ID by tracking. Ideas include (but should be based on you):
    1. Fat loss breakfast (check out this episode for recipes, ideas and further explanation)
    2. Not eating after a certain time at night
    3. Getting better sleep (quality or quantity)
  4. Consider: are you a fan or are you in the game?

You have everything it takes to transform yourself RIGHT NOW. Get rid of the all or nothing approach and just take action.

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