585: Getting Yourself to Follow Through

Apr 6, 2019

Need to get yourself to follow through on the promises you make to yourself? I’ve gotcha! Today’s episode will give you the mindset & strategy for success!

One of the primary themes surrounding the questions in today’s episode is that folks who are struggling are focused more on the problem than on the solution. If that’s you, definitely check out today’s episode and also episode 548! That touches on the same pattern and how to overcome it.

Questions Answered in Today’s Episode

  1. Why do I keep holding myself back?
  2. How to stay focused on the process today and not go down the rabbit hole of worrying about the future or how long change will take?
  3. Who’s your favorite band?
  4. I am quite OCD, so why is it I have trouble following through with my goals?
  5. My inconsistency is driving my frustrations. What is the key to overcoming this?
  6. What should I do when I feel mentally blocked?
  7. I need to take action. What can I do to get out of “learning mode”?
  8. When does the next 12 Weeks to Transformation start and how much of a daily commitment does it take?

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