Remember a couple months ago when I suggested having some free coaching calls & airing them as podcast episodes? We’re doing it!

Today I’m talking with a mom of 2 toddlers who has lost 50 lbs in the last 6 months and wants to lose 50 more but she’s struggling with both confidence & consistency.

We cover a lot in today’s episode including getting motivated to workout, feeling like you’re not good enough and staying focused when your sense of urgency decreases as a result of success & progress.

She shared with me that she struggles to accept compliments on her weight loss. I asked her why and she recounted a story of her mom telling her, as a child, to suck in her gut.

Even with 50 pounds of weight lost, she feels not good enough.

At one point I shared a favorite quote of mine with her: if you don’t like the story you’re in, leave.

I think you’ll really enjoy this episode!

I’ll be opening up more free coaching opportunities soon, so make sure you’re on the VIP email list so you don’t miss out!

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