611: Creating Big Change & Refusing to Settle

Jun 6, 2019

If you want to make big change in your life but you aren’t sure how – this is your show. If you’re going through the motions & want to break free, tune in!

Today I’m talking with Rob Murgatroyd about his decision to refuse the status quo and his unwillingness to settle for anything less than a life he loved. We’re exploring how he walked about from a successful chiropractic practice and embraced uncertainty so he could create the life of his dreams instead of settling for a routine he was no longer enjoying.

Rob is so full of powerful truths and empowering mindsets. He serves up some tough love, reminding us that we can certainly continue to tell the story of why we can’t do something but we’re also free to stop telling that story and start to focus on how and why we can.

Want to connect with Rob? Check out his Work Hard Play Hard mastermind here.

Tips for Creating Big Change

Ask yourself these questions: 

What would it look like if this was easy?

What would it look like if this was fun?

What would it look like if this was elegant?

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One of Rob’s tools for creating big change in his life is to use the mantra “I belong here”. While I love that mantra and think it’s an awesome tool for stepping up and creating confidence, what I love most is what he said next. He said that he says it over and over (for weeks and months) “until it starts to feel real…” That’s the ticket. We create these new stories and we repeat them until they feel real. Whether the story is, “I make great choices” or “I am a creative energetic problem solver” or “I belong here” – you repeat it and repeat it until it starts to feel real. (Tune in for more on this)


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Want to connect with Rob? Check out his Work Hard Play Hard mastermind here.

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