658: How to Get Out of Your Head & Make Better Decisions

Sep 21, 2019

Today we’re talking how to get out of your head, slow down and make better decisions! All your listener questions today! Don’t miss it!

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Here’s the list of questions we’re tackling today:

  • How do you get out of your head? I’m struggling with being present and making good decisions.
  • How do you keep yourself accountable when you lose motivation?
  • I’m happily married. Having a problem finding myself after my kids have gone. I have let myself go and hard to find my joy again. I miss my kids being here at home with us. They gave me life.
  • I’m currently on weight watchers and losing consistently, but what supplements do you recommend for chronic fatigue and depression? I have already seen my doctor about medical alternatives as well.
  • My husband is on a dash diet for high blood pressure and also needs to loss weight. But fatty meats are so high in sodium. What would you suggest for his food consumption?

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Here’s the probiotic product I mentioned in the show.

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