619: How to Go to the Next Level

Jun 24, 2019

Are you ready to go to the next level? Are you tired of struggling? Today you’re going to hear from one of my 12 Weeks to Transformation clients about how even though she had lost weight, she was still really unhappy. She didn’t feel like she was in control of her life.

Instead of settling for the struggle and making herself a victim of it, she USED the struggle and the tools within the 12 Weeks to Transformation to go to the next level.

She’s happier than ever. She’s lost weight. She feels empowered. As you’ll hear her say, she’s transformed her life over the last 10 months. She’s getting up earlier, she’s working out more, she’s drinking less, spending less, saving more, losing weight and taking great care of herself while enjoying the journey.

You don’t want to miss today’s episode!

The Next Level

Tonight (Monday June 24th at 8pm ET) I’m going live to share how I overcame my 3 biggest barriers in life. Click here to register to join me! It’s free and I’ll be doing a live Q&A at the end! If you’re looking to make a change in your life, I hope you’ll join me! Plus, it’s always super fun to be live together, right? I can serve you in new ways when we’re live together!

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