150: How To Interpret Signals Your Body Sends

Mar 10, 2016

I want to challenge you to pay more attention to your body & less attention to everyone else’s. I want to show you how to interpret the signals your body sends every single day & use them to your advantage.

The reality is that your body is constantly communicating with you. It’s letting you know what’s going right, what’s not, which hormones are struggling and which ones are cruising right along.

Many of us, however, are so busy living life & paying attention to other people and things that we don’t pay attention to the signaling & signs of our own bodies.

Today we’ll take a dive into keeping a journal of what you eat & the signals your body sends without the cumbersome tasks of counting calories or macros. We’ll uncover the common sense approach to fat loss & hormone balance.

The primary signals we get from our bodies related to fat loss & hormones are quality of sleep, hunger, energy, mood & cravings. Those are the signals we’ll evaluate today.

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How to Interpret Signals Your Body Sends

In today’s episodes I talk about the different things we can learn from our hormonal biofeedback and go through detailed instruction on how to interpret signals your body sends. What I want to provide for you here is a series of questions you can ask yourself when reviewing your tracking document or journal. To understand how I recommend tracking (in a very quick & easy way), read this blog post about tracking.

  • How is my energy ¬†level upon waking?
  • Do I feel rested?
  • How would I rate the quality of my sleep?
  • For how many hours did I sleep?
  • Am I hungry upon waking? How hungry?
  • When in the morning do I begin to feel hungry?
  • How satisfied does my breakfast leave me feeling?
  • For how long after breakfast is my hunger satisfied?
  • How is my energy mid-morning?
  • Are there breakfast choices that leave me with less energy mid-morning?
  • Are there breakfast choices that leave me with more hunger mid-morning?
  • What’s my average energy level throughout the day?
  • Do I rely on caffeine for energy?
  • When do cravings strike?
  • What are my cravings for?
  • Are there food choices or meal timings that reduce my cravings?
  • When do I get hungry for lunch or a snack?
  • Am I eating out of habit or pure hunger?
  • What foods improve my mood?
  • What foods hurt my mood?
  • How is my focus throughout the day?
  • When does my focus wane?
  • How would I rate my exercise intensity?
  • How do I feel after a workout?
  • Am I more hungry or less hungry on days I work out?
  • Do I tend to make better food choices or worse food choices on days I workout?
  • When does my energy begin to fade?
  • What time do I naturally feel ready for bed?
  • How long does lunch satisfy my hunger?
  • How long does dinner satisfy my hunger?
  • What snacks satisfy my hunger?
  • What snacks leave me looking for more?
  • What food choices am I making when I see the best fat loss progress?
  • What patterns do I see when my fat loss isn’t where I want it to be?
  • Am I consistently having protein with my meals & snacks?
  • Am I consistently having healthy fats with my meals & snacks?
  • Am I following the Golden Rules of Carbs & Fat Loss?


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