672: How to Make the Next 10 Years Exponentially Better Than the Last

Oct 24, 2019

The next 10 years can be exponentially better than the last 10 years. You can choose to make huge changes, especially in those areas of life you don’t think are possible. They are. Your past doesn’t define your future, which is what we explore in today’s episode as I speak with author, wife, mom and coach, Megan Valentine.

Megan and I explore what’s possible, how to build a powerful vision and get clear on the life YOU desire. As well as exploring Megan’s journey with some revealing stories, we focus on practical steps you can take to make the changes you need to.

I’ve written an article that explores this further, so whether you choose to read, listen or both, be sure to let go of your past and embrace who you can be. Through Megan’s advice, you’ll soon be set free to make the next 10 years of your life exponentially better than the last 10 years.


  1. How one of her daughter’s school reports forced Megan to think about how she was living her life, and whether it was how she wished to continue to live.
  2. The impact in giving yourself the space to think and reflect, and how you can do this even if you live a busy and full life.
  3. How to overcome self-doubt, and how these insecure moments can pave the way for huge growth in the future.
  4. How sometimes your greatest mentor maybe someone closer to you than you can ever imagine.
  5. The sweet spot between being present and dreaming about the future, and why this is so important to your personal growth.
  6. The difference between hard work and heart work, and how learning to do both can drastically change the next 10 years of your life.
  7. How YOU are both the obstacle and the way (and what you can do to take control of this).
  8. The role “expectations” play in your life, and how learning to change them can set you free.


“You were born to blaze new trails, pioneer great adventures, reclaim new territory, take daring risks. You were born to tell an original story. Be God strong and foolishly courageous, let faith, not fear be your compass.”

I recently read this quote from the ‘House of Belonging’ in Megan Valentine’s book, ‘No Place Like Known’. As soon as I read these words I thought about a topic close to my heart: what is possible.

So often we settle for less.
We don’t take risks because we’re scared.
We don’t believe we can escape the life we’ve always known.

The Impossible is possible for some. But not me. I’m not like them.

Instead of saying yes, you say no. There’s always a reason.

  • I don’t have the time right now…
  • I don’t have the energy…
  • I don’t have enough money…
  • I have too much on my plate already…
  • I’m just not ready for it. Maybe one day, but not now…

There’s always a reason not to do what you know you need to. There’s always an obstacle (or ten). That’s life. It will never change. No amount of waiting for the “perfect” period will help this.

All it does is waste your time.

So what you need to ask yourself is: do I want the next ten years to be the same as the last ten?

This is the question that sparked huge transformation in Megan Valentine’s life. As she read one of her daughter’s school project about what she liked and didn’t like. She write about how she didn’t like the dark, sharks and… hurrying up.

A knot in Megan’s stomach formed.

She realized how much of a hurry she was in. How the previous ten years had gone by so fast, and how she spent so little time appreciating where she was. Instead of living her life, she survived it. She wasn’t at the wheel, she merely sat in the back going along with the ride. And it turns out she had been hurrying up her daughter at the same time.

Did she want her next 10 years to be like this?

How To Make Your Next 10 Years Better Than The Last 10 — with Megan Valentine.

In the latest episode of the Primal Potential podcast, I have a conversation with Megan Valentine about transformation, letting go of your past and redefining what is possible.

I encourage you to listen to our conversation in full, as this article only touches upon some of the aspects we talk about. It’s one of the most impactful conversations I’ve had recently, and I hope you take as much from it as I have.

It’s inspired me to write this article and consider a few key insights I took from Megan.

Each one is a reminder for me on how to live life now (and moving forward into the future).

Megan’s a great example of not settling. Where you’ve come from, and who you’ve been doesn’t have to define who you are, will be and where you’re heading.

Let go of your past and embrace the future you deserve.

1: Grace and Space

Megan had a career. A great job with greater prospects ahead. She also had a young family, and a schedule that was always full; too full.

Always go-go-go, Megan never had the time to step back to appreciate what she had.

She rushed through life. Her youngest daughter wasn’t like that, however. During our call, Megan described her daughter, talking about the type of person she was.

“Me, I get off one rollercoaster and I’m walking to the next one. But my daughter likes to stop, take what’s going in around her. ‘Mom, look, just come and look at this flower. Isn’t it beautiful.’”

Megan began to see how she lived life. Her schedule was in charge of her, not the other way around. But your schedule is only ever as full as you allow it to be. You have a choice. You have certain control.

Once her daughter turned ten-years-old, Megan asked herself if she wanted the next 10 years to be like the last 10 years. She didn’t. She wanted to have more space, and more time to appreciate what she had.

She prioritized her responsibilities and gave herself permission to reflect and slow down. It changed her life and helped her see A LOT of what was going on beneath the surface.

2: The Sweet Spot of Today and Tomorrow

Some people are dreamers, taking the time to sit back and think about who they will be tomorrow (and many years into the future). You create a vision. You can see it and practically touch it. It’s wonderful to have a vision like this, but dangerous if you spend too much time dreaming of tomorrow.

It stops you from living in the present.

So maybe you flip the script and focus on today. You slow down and remove thoughts of the future. You learn to love where you are and take life as it comes day-by-day. This is also good, but without thoughts of where you’re going, you can slip into a life of settling and going through the motions.

You need to find the sweet spot between enjoying today but also make decisions that prepare you for an amazing tomorrow.

Megan talked about this during our conversation. She spent so long dreaming of tomorrow that she spent no time appreciating the present. So she worked hard on fixing this, only to lose sight of her vision and the life she wished to build.

It isn’t either-or. You don’t have to choose between today or tomorrow. It’s possible to be both present and think of the future. Megan talked about how she found this sweet spot by giving herself permission to do both.

Dream, and also reflect.
You are so often both the obstacle and the way.

You are what holds you back, but also the solution to set you free.

3: The Difference Between Hard Work and Heart Work

Megan mentioned the difference between Hard Work and Heart Work on our call, and how you need both to live the successful life you desire.

To achieve all your dreams… it requires a lot of hard work. It won’t come easy. You need to commit to it fully, challenge yourself, invest in yourself and work harder than you ever have before.

It won’t just happen for you. You won’t wake up one day and have it.

You need to work for it, but you also need to be kind and listen to your heart. When Megan talked about ‘heart work’, she spoke of looking within, listening to your inner voice and investing in yourself.

  • What are you feeling?
  • What holds you back?
  • What have you learned today?
  • Who are you today, and who do you want to be?

You won’t have the life you desire by simply working harder. A successful business is only as successful as the person behind it. You need to grow you, upgrade your mindset and focus on… YOU.

Hard Work and Heart Work… you need both.

What Will the Next 10 Years Look Like For You?

My conversation with Megan seemed ideal, considering we’re about to enter a new decade.

As I think of 2009 and recall who I was back then, I consider what I’ve learned over the last 10 years.

  • How far have I come?
  • If I was to define this decade, how would I define it?
  • And… what comes next?

As we enter 2020, not just a new year but a new decade, I’ll become a mother. How do I want the next 10 years to play out? What do I want my daughter’s first 10 years on this planet to be like?

How do I want these next 10 years to play out for me, my business and my relationships?

You don’t need to wait for a new decade to think about all this. Today, right now, this very moment… you can choose to make the next 10 years exponentially better than the last 10 years. You get to choose that for you. It’s your choice. It’s within your control.

Speaking to Megan reminded me of this. I hope you listen to the episode in full, and I hope it impacts you as much as it has done for me.


Thanks for reading and listening. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to listen to my conversation with Megan Valentine in full (and consider reading her book ‘No Place Like Known’). As we enter a new decade, this conversation seems more relevant than ever.

Yet the reality is, asking these questions is relevant at all times.

Do you want the next 10 years to be better than the last 10 years?

How do you want to define the next decade: for you, your family, your business…?

Huge thanks to Megan for sharing her incredible journey with us. Please listen to it in full and take action on the steps she offers. And if you would like to start 2020 in the best possible way, I encourage you to join the 12 Weeks To Transformation wait list.

We focus on much of what we talk about in today’s episode, so join the wait list now and I’ll send you more details of 12 Weeks To Transformation soon.

Thanks again for listening and reading. If you have any questions about any of the topics we discussed in this episode, add them in the comments below. And to subscribe to the podcast and connect with me on social media, follow the links below.



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