657: Maintaining Priorities Amidst Changing Circumstances

Sep 19, 2019

Everyone has priorities that they say are important. But how often do you overlook these priorities when life gets tough? Or maybe the opposite happens, where life gets easier and you grow complacent… before you know it you’re back where you began.


This feast or famine existence is where today’s guest was just a few months ago. She would lose weight only to put it back on again. She would set priorities and stick with them for a while, but then lose track after a few weeks. It wasn’t that she was unhappy, but she never felt truly satisfied (as though she wasn’t fulfilling her true potential). 


As she told me all this, I could relate. I remember being that person. Maybe you can relate. If so, good news because in today’s episode we explore how she escaped this, lost weright (and kept it off) and transformed her entire way of thinking.


I’ve written an article that accompanies this below. I encourage you to listen and read, and to then get in touch and share how important your own priorities are in your life.


  1. The massive changes our guest has seen in just two months since joining the 12 Weeks to Transformation Program
  2. The mindset blocks she used to suffer with, and the affirmations and techniques she’s used to overcome these
  3. How she entered the program with her focus on weight loss and health, but what happened in the first few weeks that left a huge impact across her entire life
  4. What happens when you take control of your ‘thinking’, and how this impacts every single aspect of your life, health, finances and relationships
  5. The biggest thing you can do to ensure you not only achieve your goals, but surpass them and maintain them in the long term
  6. Why most people use their circumstances as an excuse to fail (or not even try), and how you can change this overnight
  7. That it isn’t about whether you struggle or go through hardship, but rather what you DO next that matters most
  8. How today’s guest has more confidence now than ever before, and the massive impact this has had at work and at home


As she told me her story, I couldn’t help but picture my own past…

How she would lose weight only to put it back on again…

That she would begin motivated, but see it disappear after a few weeks…

How she said things like: I’ll get back to it tomorrow

(even though you know you’ll say the same thing tomorrow) 

You beat yourself up for doing it. You start to tell yourself stories, about how you’ve lost enough weight so it’s no longer important. It loses all urgency. The pain isn’t as great.

But there you are again, a few months later… back where you started.

Sometimes Pain Isn’t All That Painful

As I spoke to my guest today, she told me about life before joining the 12 Weeks to Transformation Program. She wasn’t depressed. She wasn’t at rock bottom. She wasn’t even unhappy.

But she also didn’t feel all that happy, content or satisfied.

She knew she wasn’t living the life she could or wanted to. She knew she had more to give. This is the place where many of my clients are in when I first meet them. Not unhappy, but also… not that happy.

  • You lose weight but put it back on again…
  • You fit in the dress you love, but you don’t feel great in it…
  • You look good, but you still feel tired, heavy and sluggish…
  • You’re making enough money, but you still stress about it…
  • You eat well most days, but it’s a constant effort to not order that muffin…

Sometimes pain isn’t all that painful. it’s often a case that you just know it could be better. You want it to be better, because you deserve to live the best life you can. But you put it off. You’ll get to it, someday…

This is where today’s guest was just a few months ago.

Before joining the 12 Weeks to Transformation Program, she was doing okay.

In the time since… she’s began to transform her entire life!

I’ve seen her progress. I’m so proud of her. I’ve witnessed how her priorities have changed, and how they are more important to her now. She came into the program with her focus on weight loss and health, but the impact it’s had can be seen across her entire life.

She’s escaped the yo-yo lifestyle of:

  • Losing weight and then gaining it again…
  • Going on a diet and hating it…
  • Having a good week followed by a bad one…
  • Motivation one day, nowhere to be seen the next…
  • Only turning up some days, and losing focus too quickly…
  • Making progress only to get complacent and lose all momentum…

This is where so many of my clients begin when they work with me. Within weeks, they turn it around by following a very simple process. That’s what we talked about in the latest episode of The Primal Potential Podcast, and that’s what I’ll dive deeper into within this article.

Imagine, for a second, a life where:


  • You lose weight and maintain it
  • Build momentum and keep it
  • Change your lifestyle and then live it
  • Get happy and feel it all the time


It is possible. This is how…

1: Let Go of The Number and Outcome

When I asked my client about her relationship with food, she told me how she struggled to come to terms with the idea of eating well forever. 

A diet is one thing, but to NEVER let yourself go…? That’s hard.

She presumed she would always be in this yo-yo state.

Good for a while, and then not.

And I said to her…. This is fine.

It’s totally fine to go through phases. It’s natural. The most important thing is to be aware of it, and appreciate how you feel when you stick to it.

This way you can have a bad day, knowing you’ll get back on track tomorrow or next week…

But this is hard so long as you define your success around an outcome or a particular number/goal.

It’s important to have a goal, but you cannot cling to it each day. You need to let go of the number (that ideal weight you have in your mind). Be okay with where you are — and who you are — right now, and adjust and adapt over time.

So often, we try to focus on where we want to be next year. But really, all you need to focus on is who you want to be today. My guest struggled with this. She liked to have a plan and to stick to it. 

If she fell off course, she beat herself up.

She defined everything she did around an outcome… the pressure became too much.

Let go of it. Focus on today. Give yourself a break.

2: Get Help and Involve Other People

Everyone has priorities, but it’s easy to lose sight of these when life gets in the way.

Before long, you’re back where you started.

You set an important goal, but it doesn’t feel important anymore.

One of the common reasons for this is that so many people try to do it on their own. They’re worried to ask for help or involve other people.  

Why? Well, it’s different for everyone. But it usually comes down to fear:


  • What if I fail?
  • What will other people think?
  • They have their own life, why would they care about mine?


For so long, my gurest tried to do it on her own. After all, she knew what she had to do. If she wanted to lose weight, she had to follow a diet, exercise and so on. She learned everything she needed to learn.

She didn’t need anybody’s help!

Yet there’s a difference between knowing something and doing it. It’s easy to know that you need to lose weight, but what about on Day 20 when you’re tired and had a terrible day. You know not to reach for that bar of chocolate, but maybe this one time it will be okay…

Everyone needs help.

The more people you surround yourself with in the same position as you, the better. It’s no wonder she’s made the progress she’s had since joining the 12 Weeks to Transformation Program

Not only has she learned a lot, but she has a coach keeping her accountable and a community of people supporting her every step of the way.

3: Stop Living in The Future (focus on today)

How often do you find yourself thinking about next year… five years from now… ten?

You compare who you are today against who you want to be.

You try to plan for Step 7 when you’re still figuring out Step 2.

You know it makes no sense. Yet you do it anyway because that future person has what you want. You want it now. You want to make massive progress… right now! 

But you cannot have tomorrow until you do today.

And it’s what you do today that determines your future.

During our call, my client said how she didn’t used to enjoy exercise. She did it because she had to. Whereas today she looks forward to her daily walks, yoga and workouts. She’s beginning to let go of who she wants to be a year from now, and instead enjoying who she is today.

There’s less pressure.

There’s more time to celebrate the progress she does make.

It isn’t that you shouldn’t have goals or a dream, because you should. But leave tomorrow for later. All you can ever do is live today, and if you make today count… tomorrow will be just fine.

This is how you maintain your priorities no matter what happens.

Through the good and bad, you keep your focus on what matters the most. You still feel pain. You still face struggles. You continue to have good days and bad. You will not be perfect. You are human!

But you continue to make progress because you let go of the outcome, get the help you need and focus on what’s straight in front of you. Do this, and you will continue to just fine.


Thanks for reading and listening today. I’m so proud of my client, and loved the insight she shared. This article only scratches the surface, so please listen to our conversation in full because she offers some incredible lessons from her recent growth. 

In a matter of weeks, she’s transformed her entire life.

This is why I love the work we do inside The 12 Weeks to Transformation Program.

Do we teach a lot of new skills and exercises? Of course.

But so much of our success comes from empowering YOU to take action.

Being there for you and guiding you… giving you permission to take the next step you deserve. The priorities you set today define the future you and your family will live forever. \

If you’re interested in learning how to put all this into action, see if the 12 Weeks to Transformation Program is what you need.

Thanks again for reading and listening to today’s episode. Please subscribe to the podcast and connect with me on social media for future episodes and content. And if you have any questions, please share them in the comments below.


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