Episode 054: How To Make Fat Loss Easy

Jun 4, 2015

In today’s episode we talk about why fat loss is currently so hard and how to make fat loss easy. yes, it can be easy. It can even be effortless. And the “how” is not complicated or hard. This is as close to a magic bullet as you will ever get. It is fool proof.

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The Bottom Line:

When it comes to making good food choice that are aligned with our goals, we keep skipping practice. We come to a situation where we could make a choice to move towards our goals or away from them. We let ourselves off the hook. We make an excuse. We skip practice. We rob ourselves on an opportunity to make it easier.

“If we really want change we have to make peace with the fact that we cannot self-exempt every time the calendar offers us a more attractive alternative” ~ Marshall Goldsmith

Playing a piece by bach on the piano is not only hard without practice but very likely impossible. So if you feel like you keep failing, ask yourself how much time you’re putting in to practice? How consistently do you practice?

This constant CHOICE to keep skipping practice is known as self-indulgent inconsistency. It’s why it is hard. Because we grab every opportunity to be self-indulgently inconsistent.


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