Minisode: How To Stop Making Excuses

Nov 24, 2015

There is a legit problem that keeps many people from reaching their fat loss and fitness goals. Actually, there are two major problems:

  1. Making excuses
  2. Lying about our options to make ourselves feel better.

I know, that sounds strong. But we’re so used to telling ourselves that we’re “doing our best” and we don’t ever really stop to consider whether or not that’s even true. 99% of the time it is not true. Not even close to true.

If you want to make progress, if you want to break out of the cycle of self-sabotage, if you want to bridge the gap between knowing what you need to do and actually doing it, you’ve got to stop making excuses. In today’s episode we’re going to talk about specific strategies to help you break out of this cycle of unconscious self-sabotage so you can stop making excuses & start getting results.

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5 ways to stop self-sabotage

How To Stop Making Excuses

  1. Get really honest with yourself when you say things like “I did my best” or “I did all I could”.
  2. Get in the habit of honestly writing down all your available options when you’re evaluating choices you’ve made. This isn’t about changing the decision but rather widening your perspective. I go into lots of detail and examples in the episode so be sure to listen to it!
  3. After you’ve evaluated the options, ask yourself, “Was that my best?” and “Did I do all I could?”. This is a critical exercise in self-honesty.
  4. Determine what you will do differently next time

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