Q&A 9: How to Identify YOUR Most Effective Fat Loss Strategies

Mar 5, 2015

Are you wasting your time trying to change habits that won’t make a big difference or won’t help you reach the goal you’re pursuing? In this episode we talk about how most of us go about behavior change in the wrong way and why it leads to failure. We’re explaining how to identify what YOUR most effective fat loss strategies are and how you can tackle them. Then we dive into a step by step process for how you can create changes that will lead to effective fat loss and be EASY to maintain for the rest of your life!

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Here are the keys to establishing your most effective fat loss strategies:

  1. Know what is most meaningful for you
    1. Establish this by completing a SWOT analysis, or detailed review of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats
    2. Evaluate your threats & weaknesses. Which ones are currently holding you back the most?
    3. Pick one of them to tackle
    4. Create a plan. Identify your patterns, habits and what factors hold you up the most
    5. Work the plan
  2. Do not move on until you’re ready


Episode 003 on Doing Less to Get More – the 80/20 Rule
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