Q&A 1: Avoiding Nighttime Overeating

Jan 17, 2015

This is our first Q&A episode where we are answering YOUR questions about weight loss, emotional eating, nutrition, fitness and whatever else you are struggling with.

Lots of people stay on track all day but blow their progress by overeating at night. They’ve exhausted their willpower, they’re tried, they can’t stand up against the strong cravings and the inevitably undo their daily progress by overindulging at night. Today we address that issue and give 7 specific strategies for overcoming nighttime overeating.

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Featured Question from Sharon: “The evening time is when I get into trouble! I always crave sweets & I get bored and end up going totally overboard, even after being good all day. What do you do to keep from blowing your day’s progress by losing control at night?”

Practical Solutions: In this episode we cover 7 specific strategies to help you avoid the self-sabotage of nighttime overeating. I even give specific healthy dessert ideas that you can build into your evenings to provide satisfaction without blowing your progress! We talk about nutrition habits, mindset tricks & lifestyle adjustments that can all be POWERFUL tools to help you reduce or even avoid nighttime overeating.

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