Episode 032: Process for Setting Goals You’ll Achieve

Apr 7, 2015

We all know that setting clear goals is an important part of reaching your fat loss goals but it’s not enough. You need a clear process for setting goals and you need to define the actions & procedures that will get you from point A to point B. We have to narrow our focus and harness our energy towards the achievement of ONE impactful goal.

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The Problem: We are spreading ourselves too thin by setting too many goals. We try to tackle multiple goals at once and we don’t have enough energy to invest in the pursuit of the one that matters most. Beyond that, we don’t define a realistic, effective process for making progress towards our goals and overcoming obstacles.

The Solution: Get smart and focused about your goals. Decide that you’ll only work on ONE change at a time. Choose to focus your energy on tackling one goal at a time but you have to do more than just defining the goal. You need to establish what it will take to achieve the goal and then create a process that, when followed consistently, will take the guess work out of achieving your goals.

Practical Implementation:

  • Define the outcome you’re seeking
  • Name the performance required to achieve that outcome
  • Select one performance and define a process that will lead you to that performance
  • Be consistent. Practice, practice, practice.

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