464: The Most Important Thing

Mar 12, 2018

The other day I listened to Dan Heath share a story about college professors. It really moved me & inspired this episode. Here’s a quick summary of the story he told.

A group of college professors were asked what one or two things they’d want their students to remember 10 years later. Of all the things they’d teach, what was most important that they carry with them, understand or know how to do years into the future?

The professors all shared their answers.

Then, they were asked what percentage of their syllabus was dedicated to teaching that thing.

Very little, it turned out. Not nearly enough.

I thought about that question. If there was ONE SINGLE THING I could impress upon you guys with my podcast, one single skill, habit or mindset that I could guarantee you mastered and carried with you, what would it be?

Today, I’m sharing that thing with you.

I’m also promising to talk about & teach this thing much more regularly.

Enjoy the episode! If you have questions or there are parts of it you want me to go more deeply into, make sure to leave a comment!


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