Episode 029: 225 Pound Transformation with Tim Bauer

Mar 31, 2015

We have a special guest on the podcast today! “Tinier Tim” Bauer is sharing his incredible 225 lb weight loss story. That’s right –¬†after yo-yo dieting for most of his life (from South Beach to North Pole, as he puts it) he topped the scales at 440 lbs. For years, he tried to lose weight for other people – women, his kids, but it wasn’t until he decided HE deserved it wanted more for his life that he was able to commit to a new lifestyle. Absolutely everyone will be inspired by his transformation!

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Tim beforetim after

Tim’s Food Rules:

  1. No white flour
  2. No sugar
  3. Don’t eat foods that contain ingredients you don’t know where or how to buy

Tim’s Key to Success: Plan Ahead

  • Tim routinely used the slow cooker to make sure a healthy meal was ready after work. This reduced the chances that he’d pick up fast food. A delicious meal was waiting at home!
  • He kept his gym bag packed and in his car so there was always an opportunity to workout
  • He planned his meals and his workouts ahead of time and scheduled them in his calendar

Tim’s Favorite Meals & Foods:

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