667: Transforming Relationships? Listener Q&A

Oct 12, 2019

How can you transform a relationship for the sake of accountability? That’s what one listener is asking on today’s Q&A!

We absolutely love listener questions and today we’re tackling a bunch of them! If you have questions for the Saturday show, you can submit them here!

  • I’ve really been enjoying bulletproof coffee. However, the last couple of days it seems to be upsetting my stomach. Any idea why?
  • I understand the value of like-minded people but those closest to me are my partner and my best friend. How can I transform these relationships to help hold me accountable?
  • What is the starting point for someone completely hopeless and paralyzed on his/her health goals and still refuses to seek help?
  • I just recently got dumped by my back up guy. I know that sounds harsh – long story, even longer drama which I will spare you. My question is after two months I still think about him all the time and I read his letter that he wrote. Yesterday your YouTube question about rereading the old chapter hit me in the face. I want to move on so badly. Am I failing because he still pops into my head?
  • How do I stop beating myself up for failures and start celebrating small wins?

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