710: Using Food for Emotional Needs

Jan 18, 2020

It’s a listener Q&A episode! We’re focusing on one of those “hard pills to swallow” and that is the fact that emotional eating doesn’t really soothe anything. In this episode we’re discussing the difference between finding a distraction and creating solution.

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This Saturday we’re answering these questions:

  • How do I get myself to consistently lean toward more positive, productive, thought processes?
  • How do you stop using food to soothe hurts?
  • How can I save money in a way that doesn’t make me feel stressed?
  • How can I keep myself on a schedule?
  • How do you start a meditation habit?
  • I have heard you mention a few times that you have a goal this year of (I’m summarizing here, please forgive as it’s been a while since I heard you talk about it) creating more meaningful connections, better relationships, and being less task focused when it comes to your boyfriend. Something like this, right? Do you talk about this in more depth anywhere? I can totally relate to this and it is definitely an area in my life that I can improve. Wanting to know and learn more about what you’re doing.

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