Episode 050: Do You Treat Weekends Like Vacation?

May 26, 2015

In today’s episode we’re talking about the very common trap of treating weekends, holidays, dinners out or random Tuesday mornings like vacation. We create an exception, eat what we want and then beat ourselves up while getting frustrated with our lack of progress.

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Problem: You cannot achieve a physical, emotional or mental transformation if you continue to embrace excuses. If you’re always grabbing up any possible opportunity to indulge and never requiring yourself to exercise any degree of self control, you will not be successful. There will always be a reason to indulge if that’s what you’re searching for. Transformation is not difficult or complicated. It’s actually pretty simple. Not easy, but simple. It requires consistency and consistency gets easier if you just stop making excuses to NOT be consistent.

Solution: Understand that YOU are the only thing standing in the way of your transformation. You cannot move forward if you keep walking backwards. Shift your focus from all the reasons it is hard and all the opportunities to veer off track and instead focus on how worth it it is. You have absolutely everything it takes to make your transformation.

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