670: Supplements, Side Hustles, Fear & Freedom – Listener Q&A

Oct 19, 2019

Sarah and I love Saturday shows! We spend the entire episode answering your question! If you have questions or topics for the Saturday show, you can submit them here.

Here are the questions we’re tackling on today’s show. Be sure to listen in case you are winner of our weekly giveaway!

What is the best probiotic?

What supplements do you take, Elizabeth?

If you start taking probiotics, how long until you notice a difference?

I saw that you have two side hustles. What are they are how do you make the time?

Why in the world did you say “yes” to network marketing?

You always say that you aren’t a sales person – how will you make it work for you?

How do you get over your fear of people rolling their eyes or saying no?

I’ve heard you talk about building a team. What does that mean? What does it look like to be on your team?

Here’s the private FB group we mentioned in the episode if you want to learn more about my mental wellness side hustle!

Here’s a link to the brain-focused probiotic product we discussed.

To see more about Elizabeth’s day-to-day, follow her on Instagram!

To learn more about my mental wellness side hustle, watch this video!

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