522: Your Questions About Money & Debt

Sep 27, 2018

In episode 521 of the podcast, I shared my personal story of becoming debt free. I go into detail about how I started, the process I followed and how I handled struggles like my then-husband not being totally on-board with the idea. I also had my sister on the show – she is currently paying down her debt and overcoming the hurdles of massive student loans and a modest salary. In today’s episode I’m answering all your questions about money and debt including:

  • How to start when you’ve been ignoring your financial situation
  • How to become debt free when you’re barely making ends meet
  • How to stick to a budget
  • How to budget for personal indulgences (new clothes, spa treatments, etc)
  • How to handle a spouse who is a spender when you’re a saver
  • How to prioritize weight loss while getting out of debt
  • How to eat healthy on a budget
  • How to save and invest at the same time

Please note that I am not a financial advisor. I am sharing my experience and personal opinions and I do not purport to be a financial expert. I am not. For your own financial advice, please contact a financial expert.


Episode 521: Get Out of Debt No Matter How Much You Make

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey


Episode 019: What Getting Out of Debt Taught Me About Weight Loss

Episode 116: Healthy Eating On A Budget

In October 2019, our relationship with Thrive Market changed. They decided to put their marketing dollars in avenues outside of podcasting but we still think they’re a good choice if you’re looking to save money on health & personal care products.

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