321: Are You Settling for “Good Enough” or “Better Than Before”?

Are you settling for “good enough” or not making further progress because you are “better than before”?

This is something I see all the time when people make progress. Maybe they lose weight, improve their health or start making better choices.

They haven’t reached their goal, but their effort drops off because they begin to justify excuses & indulgences based on the improvements they’ve made so far.

That’s a red flag.

By all means, celebrate your progress and improvements but don’t ever use them as reasons or rationale for making choices that prevent you from making progress.

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4 replies
  1. Elisabeth
    Elisabeth says:

    Again some great food for thought! Thank you for that 🙂 For me, with every tiny change im implementing in my daily life and routine.. there is just one question i keep asking myself. This question is: ‘am i prepared to still be doing this 3 years from now?’. If not..lets rethink this decision. So at the moment my ‘once in a while endulgement’, usually late at night, is a 25 gramm tablet of 85% cocoa. Just because i haven’t arrived at the point where i am willing to part from that yet permanently. Will this slow me down a bit in my journey towards my goals? Perhaps. However it also keeps me happy and content with the many other ‘permanent’ choices and changes i am making in my life. I am inspired now though to see if there is a way to make some healthy and delicious sugarfree icecream myself. Let it be summer!

  2. LK
    LK says:

    I hated this episode. Why should I not enjoy life, by eating Halo Top? It’s a hundred calories, gives the enjoyable indulge feeling. Eating sliced cucumbers will not give me the same joy. Granted, I am already at a healthy weight. So maybe I’m settling, for the hell if I’m going to start feeling guilty for eating a protein ice cream!

    Life is too short to be miserable.
    And life without enjoying ice cream is miserable.
    Denying myself this does not make me a better person.

    This just rubbed me the wrong way.
    Like somehow eating a non-kale food makes me a weak, bad person. That’s some Gwyneth-level BS right there.
    I’ve enjoyed the other episodes a lot.
    But this made me want to throw the phone across the room.
    Like somehow the Halo Top is holding me back from being considered a successful person. Geez.

    I’m pretty close to unsubscribing. I don’t need the totally unnecessary anger and guilt trip.

    • Elizabeth Benton
      Elizabeth Benton says:

      Hi LK! I wish I could sit down with you over a cup of coffee and a big smile on my face. I’m super bummed that you got anger and guilt from that podcast – what I hear in my voice & what I felt in my heart was genuine excitement and joy about my journey. I totally support you unsubscribing if that’s what is right for you, but I recorded you this voice note in response to your comment to hopefully explain what I was saying, which is 180 degrees from what your comment reflect. (Including the fact that the reason I used halo top as an example is bc I don’t love it and therefore, given MY goals, it’s not worth it. I’m all for indulging in what I DO love)
      Here’s the VN and I’m also going to email it to you: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hzld4zoffr2qku/Comment%20Response.m4a?dl=0


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