Ep 129: 7 Ways To Avoid Failure

I was recently inspired by a Motley Fool article on successful investing that talked about the importance of mindset. I immediately knew that these principles were intimately related to success in all arenas of life, including weight loss. Today I’ll share 7 ways to avoid failure based on success strategies that have the power to transform absolutely any area of your life.

I’ve talked before about the link between financial transformations & physical transformation and today I’m going to take that a step further. Don’t miss the full episode!

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7 ways to avoid failure

7 Ways To Avoid Failure

  1. Play the long term game
  2. Keep your emotions in check
  3. Inoculate yourself against regretful decisions
  4. Be careful where you get your information
  5. Be strategic about those with whom you share your goals
  6. Plan for future emotions
  7. Stay accountable


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3 replies
  1. Sascha
    Sascha says:

    I discovered your podcast about a week ago and i have to say i am extremely impressed. Your series on weight-loss was objective, comprehensive and spot-on. And your other stuff, meaning the mental / psychological side is also worth gold. I have to admit that i did not expect this. I know alot of podcasts / forums etc. and thought i have heard the best and brightest already. And when i stumbled across your podcast – a random show about weight-loss from a women (sorry, but seeing women’s magazines laying around at work every day is just upsetting with their weekly discoveries of the next wonder-diet) i was not expecting much. So excuse the language, but your are pretty much fucking awesome!


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