547: 10 Ideas Worth Spreading

Dec 24, 2018

We are so quick to spread ideas that are negative. We’re quick to share about the problems in our lives or the things that upset us, and while I think being open is valuable, I also think it’s high time to start spreading some ideas that make us better – that make us happier and healthier while improving all the relationships in our lives (especially the relationships we have with ourselves). How’s that for a big ‘ol run-on sentence?

In today’s episode, I’m sharing 10 powerful thoughts I strongly believe are ideas worth spreading and I hope we’ll do just that! I hope we’ll practice them, we’ll embrace them and we’ll share them with people we love by way of our own example.

Do you have an idea you believe is worth spreading? Share it with me by tagging me on Instagram with a picture of this episode playing on your device and tell me what idea you believe is worth spreading!

Here’s to creating change, one moment at a time, by embracing these 10 ideas worth spreading!


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