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Step out of your past and into your potential

Are you tired of desperately wanting to change but continuing to be inconsistent?
Are you ready to do the mindset work required to show up as a higher
Are you ready to leave the past behind and step into your full potential?

The 12 Weeks to Transformation utilizes 4 powerful pillars of sustainable change

Through a series of 12 weekly challenges to help you step beyond your excuses, beyond the limitations of your past patterns and into your highest potential.


Paying increased attention to what you want and what you’re able and willing to do today to move in that direction. 


Creating congruence between your intentions (what you want) and your attention (what you’re focused on)


Intentional, intelligent actions that drive the results you want


Developing a skillset for troubleshooting, changing course, and manufacturing motivation on demand, intentional, intelligent actions that drive the results you want

I’d like to invite you into wild curiosity about your potential and fierce determination to create it! 

Together, we’ll create your personal transformation with the help of: 

» Weekly challenges

» Daily coaching audio messages

» Weekly live group coaching

» Identity Journal

» Resources to support you

»  Vibrant community!

This is for you if:

» You’re ready to be FREE from this struggle

» You need HELP keeping the promises you make to yourself

» You want to bridge the gap between what you KNOW and what you consistently DO

» You want to leave your past patterns behind and step into your highest potential


Game changer

This isn’t a weight loss program or how to budget your money outline, this is the real deal to get every area of your LIFE in order. You get out what you put in. TRUST the process, it DOES work!!

I joined EB’s 12 Weeks to Transformation for the mindset shift and internal self growth. Now, when I get stuck in my feelings, I change my perspective and it’s a game changer.

Within the first few weeks of the program nearly every facet of my life was improving

I felt like a better wife, mother and colleague. But, I wasn’t making progress on weight loss. What I found was that while I thought I had made some positive shifts in mindset just by listening to the podcast, I didn’t realize how much more work I needed to do to move from thinking I can be consistent to actually being consistent. It was finally through the magic of journaling and Elizabeth’s encouragement to journal that lead me to finally move the needle on weight loss. She helped me break a HUGE barrier! Journaling is everything. It’s accountability. It records patterns and trends, that honestly when seeing them in writing was a massive wake up call. Journaling is motivating, and has made all the difference in my journey.

I am so grateful to Elizabeth, to Primal Potential and 12WT for helping me and my family. I am so excited to build on this momentum!

12 weeks to transformation has been life changing.

I continue to make choices on a daily basis sometimes minute to minute or hour to hour that make a big difference. When I first started it was like a light switch went off in my brain and I was able to look at my attitude and previous choices in a different light. I am on track to pay off 23,000 dollars in debt in 10 months.  I am finding passion in my job as a nurse practitioner again and have been able to choose to get my paperwork done. I am more peaceful and happy. My husband has noticed the change and is so supportive. Best of all I lost 19 pounds and feel amazing.

The Program is Amazing!

I joined my second session of the 12 Weeks to Transformation because the program is amazing! The information and tools offered are exactly what I need to transform my dull, depressing, and lonely life. I want to create a life I am proud of. I want to be someone who focuses on the positive and acts on the solutions. I’m tired of being obese, sick, tired, lonely, sad and depressed! I want to create joy in my life and wake up with joy, purpose and excitement.

I want to help you create your plan

For more details on how your 12 Weeks to Transformation will work, for what our coaching relationship will look like, and for details on the investment and payment options, please watch the video below:

If you’re anything like me, your dieting frustration often backfires.

You cycle between determined and defeated, and your consistency varies wildly.

Though you aren’t always “doing the work” you’re always thinking about doing the work, wishing you had more focus & willpower.

When things get tough, you don’t have a lifeline who is there to pick you up, dust you off & refocus you.

You drift. You lose ground.

And what happens if you stay in that cycle? I think you know the answer.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Your trust in yourself continues to erode. Your frustration grows. You move further away from your goals.

The barriers to progress grow before your eyes.

Let’s do something different. I want to help YOU.

I don’t want to make you comply with “my plan”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more?

The first thing you’ll want to do is get on the wait list via the boxes above. I am regularly emailing the wait list with FAQs and sneak peaks inside the current 12 WT.

There are also a handful of podcast episodes you can listen to for lots of details about how it works, how much it costs, etc.

Episode 546: Don’t Get It Twisted

Episode 548 – 3 Strategies to Get Out of Your Own Way

Episode 550 – My Coaching Method & Process

I usually lose motivation. How can you help me stay on track?

I understand how natural (and frustrating) it is for motivation to ebb & flow.

Can I help? Absolutely.

And: you have to communicate those moments of waning motivation and take advantage of the resources. If you do, we can win those moments with a little bit of effort.


What is included?
  • One Weekly Challenge
  • Weekly LIVE Q&As
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Daily journal
  • Daily coaching audios
  • Ongoing Support & Encouragement
I want to start making improvements NOW! How can I use the time between now and our kickoff in the best way possible?

If you’re ready to start creating change now, read Chasing Cupcakes. Honestly. The book is a tool book and will be a great guide to implementing changes and creating sustainable motivation. The book contains nearly 300 questions for you to ask yourself, all of which are aimed not at helping you learn, but rather helping you create change.

What kinds of results can I expect in 12 weeks?

Well, what kind of effort do you plan to invest?

Here’s what I’ve told past groups:

If you decide to give me 12 weeks of doing the work and trusting the process, one day at a time, you will transform.

Or, if you pick & choose the challenges you want to undertake, your results can be underwhelming.

Either way: I will not give up on you.

Some people lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks. Others lose 2.

They would probably tell you that if their results were lackluster it’s because their effort was, too.

Is this about weight loss?

Do you want to lose weight? If yes, then yes.

If no, then no.

The 12 Weeks to Transformation are about creating change.

Many people want to eat better and be more consistent in the way they care for their bodies, so nutrition comes up a lot. However, the foundation we’re building and the strategies we’re practicing will help you make absolutely any change you desire, whether that’s about food, body composition, relationships, mindset, money, career or anything in between!

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