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it’s  your time.

our 12 week journey to transformation begins in july.

“if I had started working with you 5 years ago, I could have saved myself about $10,000 on all the crazy things I was frantically trying to do!” ~ Carolyn W

You have doubts.

That’s good. That’s a great sign.

I know you aren’t sure this will be different from your past failed attempts.

I know you aren’t sure if YOU will be any different from the times you’ve quit and made excuses & exceptions.

The fact that you have doubts tells me that you’re READY for something different. You’re ready to change.

I promise it is possible to end the struggle.

And we can end it right now, together.

If you have tried everything under the sun, I’m talking to you.

If you’re ready to stop wishing for change & commit to working for it, I’m talking to you.

I’ve been there. I understand. I am here to help you succeed.

Join me for your highly interactive 12-week transformation opportunity.

Together we establish lifelong habits that boost your energy and mood while eliminating the mental & emotional barriers between you today & where you want to be.

Doubt yourself? Fear failure? Worried about trying something new? Watch this video.

If you’re anything like me, your dieting frustration often backfires.

You cycle between determined and defeated, and your consistency varies wildly.

Though you aren’t always “doing the work” you’re always thinking about doing the work, wishing you had more focus & willpower.

When things get tough, you don’t have a lifeline who is there to pick you up, dust you off & refocus you.

You drift. You lose ground.

And what happens if you stay in that cycle? I think you know the answer.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Your trust in yourself continues to erode. Your frustration grows. You move further away from your goals.

The barriers to progress grow before your eyes.

Let’s do something different. I want to help YOU.

I don’t want to make you comply with “my plan”.

I want to help you create your plan.

Don’t listen to me, listen to them.

I was thinking about it…and in the last 5 years, I could have saved about $10,000 and replaced all the things I was frantically trying to do with working with you.”

“If you are ready and willing to do the work, trust this process and it will change your life.” Tracey

“I am transforming into a confident person who has energy in situations that would have absolutely drained me; I am showing up every day of my life not creating drama about my weight but rather focusing my attention on how I can improve myself and how can I be more present in my relationships and interactions. Yes, I have lost around 15 pounds since beginning the journey, and I’m grateful. But what I would like for potential rookies to know is that you are gaining so much more from investing in yourself through this program. Committing to the process will change your attitude when you interact with others and help you to be much more reflective in your daily interactions. 12WT will ignite you to take action rather than to take notes and take in information. If you feel like life is too complicated to start this, now is when you should sign up! Start investing in yourself so that you can grow through the challenges of your everyday life and establish resilience and tenacity as the pillars of your character. Life is way too precious to waste another minute suffering as anything less than the warrior you want be! I am so grateful to have EB as a coach to guide me and ultimately, to show me that I am capable of so much more in each new day.”

“Elizabeth stands behind you 100% and there is no price that reflects the value of her commitment to your success.” Carmen

You have doubts.

I asked the amazing people in my past 12 WT groups what doubts they had prior to joining and how the reality compared with their reservations.

Some were concerned about the cost. Without exception, they realized that the value provided far exceeds the cost.

Some were concerned that they wouldn’t do the work. They found that the level of engagement & bite-sized nature of the challenges kept them motivated & focused.

Some were concerned that I wouldn’t be accessible & have been blown away by my investment in their journey and daily availability.

Elizabeth gives away so much content for free, I was concerned that I wouldn’t learn anything new.
I was 10,000% wrong.
Elizabeth’s dedication to te group and the daily coaching is incredible. She teaches and coaches in the most personal, caring way every single day.”

forget excuses. get results.

THIS is Different.


I know how isolating, uncertain & lonely it can be to try to lose weight after repeated failures.
Maybe you don’t trust yourself.
Maybe you aren’t comfortable resisting daily temptations.
We will do this together.
Not only can you email me anytime for support, we have a private Facebook group that is an amazing community of people rallying together to find strength & overcome challenges and weekly live Q&As to talk through all your challenges.


Go live with me every week to ask your questions and talk through your challenges. Can’t make it live? No sweat! Every live webinar is recorded and the replays are made available within hours. 


Complexity is the enemy of execution. At the start of each week you will receive ONE single challenge.
The challenge might be related to food, tracking, mindset or movement, but it’s just ONE.
Together, we practice that single challenge each day, ensuring that we’re always making progress but never feeling overwhelmed.


If you have listened to much of what I say or write, you know that I think tracking is critically important.
I’m not talking about counting calories or macros, but listening to your body and learning how food makes you feel.
I have created a transformative IDENTITY JOURNAL that is exclusively available to my clients! Once you’re signed up, it will be on it’s way to you! 


The 12 Weeks to Transformation is 100% customizable to your lifestyle, your preferences, your goals and your history.
My entire goal is to help you find what works for you.
As one member wrote to me, “Instead of giving you a fish, it’s teaching you to fish…forever”.
We will work through how the challenges fit into your life.
In short (or not so short?) this is all about YOU. This will work for your life no matter what’s going on in it! 

daily coaching messages

It’s easy to drift or get distracted or discouraged. That’s why I share an audio coaching message, every single day, to help you develop the tools to help yourself through the moments of struggle as they arise! You can go back and access messages that moved you as our weeks go on. 

This works. Even for you.

One of my members recently shared with me, “This is the only program I’ve ever been a part of where no member is ever left behind”.

No one. Ever. Even you.

I know your situation is unique.

This 12-week program isn’t about a one-size-fits-all solution because those are bunk.

This is about YOU.

You will not be left behind.

You’ve got questions

How can I learn more?

The first thing you’ll want to do is get on the wait list via the boxes above. I am regularly emailing the wait list with FAQs and sneak peaks inside the current 12 WT.

There are also a handful of podcast episodes you can listen to for lots of details about how it works, how much it costs, etc.

Episode 546: Don’t Get It Twisted

Episode 548 – 3 Strategies to Get Out of Your Own Way

Episode 550 – My Coaching Method & Process

I usually lose motivation. How can you help me stay on track?

I understand how natural (and frustrating) it is for motivation to ebb & flow.

Can I help? Absolutely.

And: you have to communicate those moments of waning motivation and take advantage of the resources. If you do, we can win those moments with a little bit of effort.


What is included?
  • One Weekly Challenge
  • Weekly LIVE Q&As
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Daily journal
  • Daily coaching audios
  • Ongoing Support & Encouragement
I want to start making improvements NOW! How can I use the time between now and July in the best way possible?

If you’re ready to start creating change now, read Chasing Cupcakes. Honestly. The book is a tool book and will be a great guide to implementing changes and creating sustainable motivation. The book contains nearly 300 questions for you to ask yourself, all of which are aimed not at helping you learn, but rather helping you create change.

What kinds of results can I expect in 12 weeks?

Well, what kind of effort do you plan to invest?

Here’s what I’ve told past groups:

If you decide to give me 12 weeks of doing the work and trusting the process, one day at a time, you will transform.

Or, if you pick & choose the challenges you want to undertake, your results can be underwhelming.

Either way: I will not give up on you.

Some people lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks. Others lose 2.

They would probably tell you that if their results were lackluster it’s because their effort was, too.

Is this about weight loss?

Do you want to lose weight? If yes, then yes.

If no, then no.

The 12 Weeks to Transformation are about creating change.

Many people want to eat better and be more consistent in the way they care for their bodies, so nutrition comes up a lot. However, the foundation we’re building and the strategies we’re practicing will help you make absolutely any change you desire, whether that’s about food, body composition, relationships, mindset, money, career or anything in between!

Have more questions?

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