674: 10 Rules for Success

Oct 28, 2019

What separates successful people from those who are stuck in the “struggle”? When you’re stuck in it, it often feels impossible to break free; as though it’s out of your control. Yet successful people also face adversity, obstacles and pain. It’s how they approach all this that sets them apart…

In this episode, I discuss the 10 rules of success that successful people live by. I was inspired to record this after two recent conversations I’ve had. Speaking to these two powerful, successful women made me question: is success a choice? Can we choose to escape the struggle?

Yes! I explain how in this episode, sharing the 10 rules of success that successful people commit to on a daily basis. I’ve written an article that accompanies this below, so whether you read, listen or both… make today the day you choose to break free from the struggle for good.


  1. How two recent conversations inspired this episode on success, “the struggle” and what is possible for you and your life
  2. About the way successful people think and act, and how these common traits shine through no matter who the person is or their situation
  3. The 10 rules successful people live by, and how those stuck in the “struggle” tend to lose sight of these
  4. BUT how even those in the struggle often abide by at least a few of these rules already
  5. The role awareness plays in all this, and how it’s oftentimes the first step (and one of the most important you can take)
  6. That successful people don’t face fewer obstacles than anyone else (they usually face more), but how they react to them and prepare for them that differs to most
  7. What the most important rule is, and how even if you master the other nine… it all unravels unless you master this ONE aspect
  8. How you can ensure 2020 is your year of success, and the steps you can take today to make this happen


Is success a choice? Or are some people just destined for it?

Go back a few years and I subscribed to the latter. I didn’t think it was possible for me. It was too hard, and I wasn’t sure if it would even be worth it. Some people seem to have it, and others don’t.

I wasn’t one of them. And that was okay… I guess.

If you know me at all today, you know I no longer think this way. I know success is possible. It’s a choice. It isn’t reserved for a special bunch, and it has little to do with money. The most successful people in the world weren’t destined to become a success story. They faced adversity, too. They had to struggle.

It wasn’t easy for them, yet these are the excuses so many people use. “I’m not successful because”

  • I don’t have the time…
  • I have a family…
  • I’m sick, or someone I love is…
  • I didn’t have the best upbringing…
  • I don’t have a degree or experience…

I’ve been stuck in the “struggle”, too. I spent a lot of my life there. It was hard. At times, it felt impossible to escape it. But I did, and as I look back now I only wish I had broken free sooner.

Because it was never not available to me.
At any point in my life, I could have chosen success.

Two Recent Conversations Led Me To This…

I recently had two incredible conversations with two powerful, successful women.

If you haven’t listened to these two conversations in full, I encourage you to because they were so impactful. I walked away from both with a surge of energy.

I heard stories about their past and their struggles, and the journey they’ve taken to who they are today.

They chose success, despite it seeming like success didn’t choose them.

A question formed in my head… is success a choice? 

I knew it was, which means there must be certain rules successful people live by that everyone else does not. I reflected on this and came up with 10 rules for success that I’d like to share with you here.

I learned these, not just from speaking to Bec and Megan but having escaped the struggle myself…

1: Successful People Pay Attention Instead of Avoiding

Before we get into it, I encourage you to listen to the podcast episode that accompanies this article. I talk about all 10 rules in greater detail and share lots of stories and examples.

Listen to the podcast episode here ⇒ 

And look, chances are you live by some of these rules already. That’s great. But be honest with yourself. It has to be a strength of yours. If you only do one of the rules sometimes, it’s not a strength.

Make it your aim to work on all 10 rules and turn each one into a strength.

Starting with this one: Pay Attention!

Successful people do. They’re aware of how they feel, what their biggest problem is and where their focus should go. They’re also aware of when they’re avoiding something.

It’s a sign to tackle it right now. Because it won’t go away until you do, and it will only get worse.

Awareness is always the first step. I share a few questions I ask myself throughout the day to achieve this in the episode. It’s so simple to do, but the impact it has is incredible.

2: Successful People Create Clarity

Anytime you meet a successful person you can guarantee they’re clear on what they’re doing. They have a purpose, vision and mission. They keep it top of mind, focussing on it each day.

Does life try to distract them? Of course.
But they don’t let it. They remain clear on their path.

This is one of the main reasons I journal. Each day, I remind myself of where I’m going. I reconnect to it and get clear on what I need to do to progress.

3: Successful People Make Growth a Priority

This is a big one and is why so many people are stuck in the “struggle”. Each day, they react to life. It doesn’t feel like they have hold of the wheel, and that’s because they don’t.

They rush from one task to another and react to put out fires here, there and everywhere.

Successful people DO NOT do this. They don’t go through the motions and allow life to get the better of them. They make growth a priority, every single day: be it personal growth, their business or relationships.

They set aside time for it. They plan for it. They prioritize it, and it’s always high on their list.

4: Successful People Pursue Possibility

The cliche says that you’re either glass-half-full or glass-half-empty.

Those in the “struggle” are the latter. Maybe they weren’t always like this. Maybe they don’t think like this all the time. But when it comes to making a change, they focus on the obstacles in front of them instead of the opportunities on the other side.

Successful people have the same obstacles and barriers. But they also have a vision and know what’s possible if they achieve it. They don’t focus on all the times they failed in the past. They look at those as a lesson to make this next time count.

Make the impossible, possible!

5: Successful People Do Not Rush!

I used to find this strange, because I’d meet a truly successful person who had a much busier and more chaotic life than me, yet still seemed to be on top of things.

How is that possible?

Where everyone else rushes through life, they seem to take their time…

It’s a choice. It’s one I’m still learning to make, and am working on it each day. I cannot control life or what it throws at me, and being a business owner and soon-to-be-mother means I’ll always have a full schedule. Yet I don’t need to rush, multitask and think about the next thing before I finish this thing!

You can choose to be present, quiet your mind and focus on NOW. Take your time. Do it right. You don’t have to rush. Successful people don’t. It’s one of the reasons they’re successful in the first place.

6: Successful People Take Ownership Instead of Making Excuses

Sometimes something will go wrong. Maybe it’s your fault. Maybe it’s somebody else’s. The go-to reaction for almost everyone is to assign blame. Get angry. Get frustrated. Get mad and focus all your energy on the thing that went wrong.

Yeah… doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Instead of using all your energy on the mistake, you could use it on finding the solution. This is what successful people do. They take ownership no matter what and focus on getting past the problem, not clinging to it.

7: Successful People Look For The Lesson

This follows on from above…

  • Don’t play the victim
  • Don’t have a pity party
  • Don’t assign blame

Whatever happens, look for the lesson. See the mistake as a stepping stone to a better solution. This is what successful people do, and it allows them to grow faster and farther.

8: Successful People Are Excited

It isn’t to say they don’t have bad days, feel sad or cry at night. They aren’t always happy and live life at 100%. Successful people are still people, and emotions like these are part of the journey.

Yet successful people are excited about the mission they’re on.

They focus on what’s ahead, not what’s happened beforehand. Those stuck in the “struggle” tend to look at what went wrong, and it stops them from feeling excited about their goal/dream/vision/purpose…

Be excited. Allow yourself to feel excited about the journey ahead!

9: Successful People Deliberately Practice Discipline

Remember, successful people weren’t destined for the life they lead. They had to work for it. They had to commit to it and show up every single day. They chose to be disciplined. They weren’t born with it.

It’s a choice; a conscious one.
It’s one you have to make for yourself.

No matter what you want from life, you have to practice, show up and put in the work. It isn’t easy and you won’t always want to do it. Successful people don’t either, but they do because they know what it takes.

10:  Successful People Take Action

This may be the most important rule of all…

It’s one you can practice right now.
Don’t just read this. Don’t just listen to the podcast.

Take action.
DO something!

Spend a few minutes thinking about what success means to you. Define it. Get clear on it.
Think about what success isn’t, and consider the path you’re currently on.

Make notes on what you’ve just read.
Listen to the podcast and ask yourself the questions I mention in it.

Take action. Until you do, nothing will change.

Thanks for reading and listening. If you haven’t already, please listen to the podcast that accompanies this article in full. I not only dive deeper into these 10 rules but share a few stories, examples and practices I personally use to get conscious on my success.

I never used to. I too, like so many others… remained stuck in the “struggle”.

I escaped it, and I believe anyone can. Maybe you’re there right now. Maybe not. Either way, these 10 rules can help you fulfill your best self and live the life you deserve.

Thanks again for listening and reading. If you have any questions about these 10 rules, add them in the comments below. And to subscribe to the podcast and connect with me on social media, follow the links below.


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