148: Personal & Intense – Inside a Binge

Mar 5, 2016

Today’s episode is different. It is intense, it is personal & there are tears. I am talking about binging. I am taking you inside a binge.

I’m not doing this to share my secrets or cleanse my soul. I am sharing this episode for 3 reasons:

  1. It feels like the right thing to do
  2. To publicly share details that most of us never talk about. We talk about dieting, we talk about being frustrated and dealing with temptation, but most people aren’t talking about binging. My hope is that by sharing my own experiences, you will feel comfortable asking for help. Maybe not asking openly to the world, but at least you’ll know that I understand and I want to help.
  3. To give you hope. I was so deep in a cycle of using food as a drug that I didn’t think I could ever break through, but I did. So, I share my story to give you hope.

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I feel like show notes aren’t needed for this show. I hope you’ll listen, I hope it gives you hope & I hope, more than anything, that you know I understand and want to help.

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