160: Fat to Fit Part 3 – Fitness

Apr 2, 2016

Okay folks, today is the final episode of the Fat to Fit series before our wrap-up Q&A episode.

Before you dive into today’s episode, please check out parts 1 and 2:

Fat to Fit Part 1 – Nutrition

Fat to Fit Part 2 – Mindset

Today we’re looking at fitness for fat loss & 3 pillars of efficient, effective fat loss workouts. I also talk about who SHOULD be incorporating fitness into their fat loss efforts and who shouldn’t. Yup, there are certain people who I don’t think should be adding fitness into their routine.

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Fat to Fit Part 3: Fitness

In today’s episode I’m breaking down the 4 primary mistakes I see people making when it comes to the way they approach fitness for fat loss. I go into detail with my thoughts on:

  • guilt & doubt
  • pre & post workout nutrition
  • overeating after workouts
  • not providing enough stimulus
  • thinking that “more is more” with exercise (it’s not)

Then we start having a lot of fun. I share what I feel are the 3 pillars of fitness for fat loss and explain how to combine them for maximum fat loss. These 3 pillars are:

  • maximum muscle recruitment
  • tension
  • intensity

I talk about combining two of these pillars in each of your workouts and give concrete examples of how to do that.


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