174: Hacking Hunger – 5 Ways To Improve Your Response

May 5, 2016

Let’s talk hunger, shall we? It’s one of those things that for some unknown reason, we kinda fear. Not anymore. Not after today. Today is all about hacking hunger and improving your response to hunger to increase your peace of mind and accelerate your results.

Have you ever felt like you need to keep snacks around “just in case” you get hungry?

Have you ever told yourself that you can’t get too hungry or you’ll go off the rails?

I know I have!

In today’s episode we’re talking about improving our response to hunger so we can understand it & embrace it without panicking or reactive decision making.

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Hacking Hunger – 5 Ways to Improve Your Response to Hunger

In today’s episode, I share some of the most common responses to hunger as well as how I’m learning to respond to hunger in new and improved ways.

I outline 5 strategies you can implement today to hack your hunger, accelerate your progress and have far more peace of mind and ease about your fat loss journey.

  1. Get curious
    Are you really hungry? Is this a craving? Are you just bored? Do you need more fuel in your body or are you just in the habit of eating every couple of hours?
  2. Stay calm.
    Feel the hunger & don’t resist it. Allow yourself to feel it without panicking or responding. Remember, hunger isn’t an emergency. You aren’t going to starve. It’s okay. Breathe & feel it.
  3. Establish relativity
    Many of us don’t know what “extremely hungry” really is because we eat long before we get to that point. This leads to issues really understanding the severity of hunger and true need to eat. It’s kind of like thinking your water is cold but never having experienced it as cold as it gets. Once you see how cold the water can actually get, you realize that what you thought was cold isn’t really that cold. We have to establish the same relativity with hunger.
  4. Stop giving yourself negative messages about hunger
    If you tell yourself that you can’t get too hungry or else you’ll lose control, you’ll be right.
    If you tell yourself you have to snack regularly or you’ll make bad choices, you’ll be right.
    Begin telling yourself that you have total control of your choices whether you’re hungry or not and you can face hunger calmly and openly, you’ll be right.
  5. Track your hunger every day


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