198: White Knuckles Are Red Flags

Jun 30, 2016

Today’s episode is all about something I say often: short term strategies deliver short term results.

If you cannot maintain the strategy that delivers the results, you will not sustain the results themselves.

Any approach that requires white-knuckled willpower should be a real red flag that you might be working hard for results you won’t maintain.

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White Knuckles Are Red Flags

How many times will you employ a short term strategy that you know you can’t sustain?

There are so many problems with this approach.

  1. If you can’t sustain the strategy, you won’t sustain the results
  2. If you don’t know, address or solve the true problems, they’ll still be there waiting for you
  3. You’re creating a negative association with the process
    1. You’re reinforcing a pattern of quitting or failure and therefore think that’s all that lies ahead for you. That’s not true. It’s your crappy strategy
    2. You think change is harder than it actually is. That’s representative of your unsustainable approach.

The lasting is approach is the approach you enjoy and are able and willing to maintain.

If you’re looking for a break, an escape or a cheat, it’s not the right approach.

You’re very likely focused on the wrong thing. Does your approach help you address WHY you eat, not just WHAT you eat?

Internal development precedes external improvements.

If you successfully complete your Whole30 but don’t address your pattern of emotional eating, what happens the next time you get emotional?

If you do a 21 day detox but do nothing to overcome your all-or-nothing tendencies, don’t you think another “nothing” cycle is coming? Then what?

Absolutely listen to the full episode to understand how you can overcome this white-knuckle-willpower approach to weight loss! It’s not working!


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