204: The Problem Behind The Problem (My Mom’s On The Show!)

Jul 14, 2016

Today is a special & emotional episode! My mom is on the show! Yup, we are discussing the problem behind the problem – where my unhealthy relationship with food & body image began and how she coped with raising an overweight child.

While I don’t think our past defines us and I certainly don’t think we’re stuck there, I absolutely believe it is important to evaluate your self-limiting food & body image beliefs and begin to ask “Are these true?” and find ways to move beyond them.

You don’t want to miss this emotional episode!

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The Problem Behind The Problem

In today’s episode, my mom and I tackle so much including:

  • Specific choices she made and how they impacted how I view food and my body
  • The development of unhealthy relationships with food & body image
  • Helpful and unhelpful strategies related to raising an overweight child
  • How her body image impacted the way I thought about food
  • What might have happened if she took a different approach
  • How restriction and forced exercise shaped the way I look at health

I want to give another huge THANK YOU to my mom for stepping outside of her comfort zone, admitting where she made mistakes and having this honest conversation with me to hopefully help others and open up conversations about weight, shame and body image.


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