205: Use Your Mind To Transform Your Body

Jul 16, 2016

We are continuing our celebration of Primal Potential’s 2nd anniversary with a super special guest! My friend and former Fat Loss Fast Tracker, Maggie!

I want you to hear directly from someone who has transformed, inside and out, over the last 14 or so months. She has lost 50 lbs, more than 13 inches from her waist and she feels that the biggest changes she made were to the way she thinks! That’s right, Maggie is going to share how you can use your mind to transform your body.

She is real, she is inspirational and I hope we can all find encouragement and hope in her powerful message!

If you didn’t yet catch the first two special episodes we celebrated with, you can catch them here and here.

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Use Your Mind to Transform Your Body

In today’s episode, Maggie and I tackle so much including:

  • What results she has created over the last 14-15 months
  • How affirmations changed her life
  • How she handles days when she isn’t feeling motivated
  • How her mindset has changed
  • How her dietary habits have changed

After recording, Maggie emailed me to share this:

I just wanted to add a brief addendum to my advice for those out there struggling:
I want people to know that this took me a village of support, and that I never once felt alone on this journey. I had, and have, so many outlets to ask for help when I feel the need to reach out. And thank god for modern technology and real time for delivering podcasts and supportive audio! Seriously. There is support out there with truly strong bones, and I definitely found it with you and the community you developed with the fast tracks, as well as the myriad other brilliant minds out there.
Anyways, that was it! Community support is integral for my success, as much as I’d like to think I’m a one woman wolf pack at times.
All my love,


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