217: 4 Ways To Improve Your Evening Eating Habits

Aug 13, 2016

The Primal Potential podcast is your podcast. I want to help you overcome your struggles & challenges. I want to help you reach your unique goals. This week, it’s been obvious that many people are struggling with their evening eating habits so today I’m sharing 4 strategies to help you tackle nighttime eating!

I know that many of you feel in control all day long but out of control at night.

I know that many of you are frustrated with the choices you make night but don’t know how to take control and make meaningful improvements that stick.

Don’t miss today’s podcast on 4 ways to improve your evening eating habits!

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4 Ways to Improve Evening Eating Habits

In today’s episode I detail the follow 4 ways to improve your evening eating habits, take control of the night time and make faster progress towards your goals:

  1. Change your expectations
  2. Identify what represents an improvement for you (just for today)
  3. Evaluate what’s worth it (and what’s not)
  4. Dramatically change your state


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