222: Weight Gain When You’re Doing The Work

Aug 25, 2016

There is very little that is more frustrating than feeling like you’re doing the work for fat loss, practicing self-discipline and putting forth your best effort only to step on the scale and see that it has gone up!

Today I want to share my answer to a listener emailed to ask, “Why am I gaining weight?” after being active and eating fat loss friendly meals.

Her email to me has something for everyone – questions about consistency, activity levels and clean eating. Here’s her email and today’s podcast shares my in depth answer.

Hi. I listened to the podcast on motivation and I’m working my way through the breaking barriers. But, here is what I notice, I am consistent and I do believe I can lose weight. But I’ve gained 2 pounds since Saturday while staying consistent with my 10000 steps and fat friendly meals. I even walked 7 miles yesterday. Any thoughts?

Listen below for my answers, tips & suggestions.

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“Why am I gaining weight when I’m doing the work?”

In today’s episode I share my thoughts & suggestions related to:

  • What might have led to the weight increase
  • Limitations of monitoring progress with the scale
  • More effective ways to measure progress
  • What consistency is & isn’t
  • When “fat loss friendly” isn’t fat loss friendly
  • The link between activity & water retention


How & where to measure – I recommend measuring every other week. Be sure to record your measurements so you can evaluate your progress over time!


where to measure for weight loss

Get a measuring tape

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