256: Anti-Perfection & Why There Is No “Wagon”

Nov 12, 2016

A couple months ago I shared with you guys that I was taking on a scary-for-me challenge: hot yoga. Specifically, 45 90-minute hot yoga classes in 45 days. The 45 days have now gone by (dang, time flies) and I’m sharing with you my final thoughts.

Specifically, I’m sharing what this challenge taught me about all-or-nothing thinking and why there is no “wagon”. Yeah, that notion of being on or off “the wagon” has got to go!

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Anti-Perfection & Why There Is No “Wagon”

I didn’t make it to 45 classes in 45 days and I still count it as a massive win.

Yeah, we build this vision of perfection and expectation when we start something new or set a goal. That’s normal. What’s normal but not helpful is to see anything short of that vision as “failure”.

It’s not black and white. There are more possible outcomes and more possible ways to win than the way you’ve pre-defined it.

In fact, I think success will almost NEVER look like you envision it before you start.

Don’t sell yourself a destructive story that anything other than your pre-defined vision of success is a failure. That’s just not true!

In today’s episode we’re talking about other ways to find success, to be successful even when it isn’t “perfect” and why there is no “wagon”. Don’t miss the full episode!


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