267: When You Know It But Don’t Do It (Then What?)

Dec 8, 2016

Do you listen to the podcast or read blogs & articles but struggle to translate the ideas and strategies into actions of your own?

Are you losing & gaining the same 5-20 lbs over and over?

Do you know what to eat and how to exercise but fail to consistently implement?

That was Marcelle’s story and she is sharing her success strategies as well as candidly discussing where she still struggles and what she can do about it.

She describes how she routinely got swept up by the chaos of life, failing to take care of herself. Most importantly, she shares how she was able to take a step back and create space between what’s happening around her and the choices she makes in response to the chaos.

She shares some powerful analogies describing how she’s overcome some of her biggest challenges. Don’t miss her story!

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When You Know It But Don’t Do It (Then What?)

Here are some of the highlights from today’s episode:

  • Why Marcelle felt like she needed content and strategies metered out so she wouldn’t binge-listen and fail to implement
  • How she’s breaking through the cycle of feeling like she’s always compensating for “damage done”
  • How she feels about tough love and reminders that things often don’t happen to us but rather we do them to ourselves
  • The value of creating a protective bubble
  • Journaling, affirmations and other helpful success strategies
  • Keeping your head up and not feeling like a victim
  • Strategies for identifying when you need to do the work the most
  • Is food truly soothing or is it a distraction? What’s the difference?


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