283: The Foundation of Fat Loss (Non-Negotiable Requirement)

Jan 14, 2017

I talk a lot about nutrition, hormones & mindset and their role in fat loss. However, today I’m talking about the precursor to all of those things. Today I’m talking about the foundation of fat loss that is most often overlooked: self-respect. Self-care. Even, shudder to think, self-love.

Our obsession with diets, detoxes, fasts, cleanses and everything in between has taught us to fight against our bodies instead of being on our own side and in our own corner.

You cannot hate your way to a body  you love. You cannot continue to resent your body, resist the process and be a complete dick (pardon me) to yourself and expect to reach your goals.

And if you hate your way to progress, it won’t be enough when you get there. You’ll be left longing for something more or something different because you lack self-respect and an understanding of self-care.

So we’re going there. We’re talking about self-respect, self-care and how to develop more of each.

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