Episode 100: 3 Things That Stop Weight Loss (even when you think you’re doing everything right)

Nov 7, 2015

We all understand that stress can work against us. We know that making good food choices can be harder when we’re under stress. But we might not think about these 3 things that stop weight loss and are lesser-talked about causes of stress. See, we think of stress as mental and emotional. But there are 3 very specific things that might be stopping your weight loss by causing stress you don’t even feel! We’ll talk in detail about these three things and then go into 6 strategies you can implement TODAY to get back on track and start seeing the results you want.

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3 Things That Stop Weight Loss (by increasing stress)

  • Chronic dieting and/or over-restriction
  • Excess exercise
  • Sleep deprivation (even short term)

6 Strategies for Getting Results

  • Stop over-restricting. Find foods you love that love you back.
  • Prioritize sleep
  • Watch your workouts
  • Be intentional about relaxation
  • Simplify your life
  • Implement smart carb strategies to reduce hunger & cravings, increase energy and burn fat without stressing your body. If you’re curious about these carb strategies, please join me for a free webinar where I’ll go through them in detail!


Hack your sleep for faster fat loss

Study: sleep deprivation & insulin resistance

Study: low calorie diets & increased cortisol

Study: sleep debt, hormones and metabolism

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