336: How To Redefine Yourself

May 18, 2017

I would bet you have someone you admire. Maybe you admire their discipline, work ethic or attitude. I have people like that, too.

And if you’re like me, you might wish you were more “like them”. Maybe you wish you thought like they think, act like they act, or have the magical qualities of discipline and motivation that they have.

Been there. Totally get it.

But here’s what I know: you can change. You can redefine yourself.

It does NOT have to always be hard!

I went from work-place slacker to hard-driving overachiever.

I went from careless spender to disciplined money manager.

I went from emotional yo-yo dieter with zero lasting discipline to consistently healthy eater.

You can redefine yourself. I am still redefining myself and today I’ll tell you how.

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